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Gabled Sunrooms

The dramatic A-frame roof design of a gabled sunroom can turn a typical home into a neighborhood showpiece—all while providing exceptional benefits in low-maintenance upkeep, energy savings, and comfort!

When you’re looking for a beautiful home addition that is cost-effective and built to last, Home Renew offers gabled sunrooms to meet all the must-haves on your list. With products from TEMO Sunrooms—an industry leader in quality and innovation—we carry the best in weather-resistant additions that are fully customized to our customers’ needs.  

Enjoy Indoor-Outdoor Living with Gabled Sunroom Additions

Gabled sunroom additions feature glass walls, premium efficiency features, and an entire selection of custom design options that make it easy for you to design the perfect upgrade to your local property. As one of the most popular styles out there for home sunrooms, gabled sunrooms are ideal for everything from single-story historic homes to modern construction.

Our gabled sunroom installers will walk you through the process of designing a home addition that comes with:  

  • Low maintenance upkeep that will never scratch, chalk, dent, or fade with the innovative design of our exclusive cladding systems and quality materials.
  • Energy-efficient glass packages for a UV-blocking, energy-saving home addition that helps to keep your heating and cooling costs low.
  • Weatherproof designs that resist everything from hurricane-force winds to extreme temperatures—protecting your home in Virginia’s unpredictable climate.
  • Customized features, from the ceiling and walls to the glass, doors, fixtures, and accessory options, to create a one-of-a-kind living space.
  • Lifetime warranty coverage that gives you confidence in the investment you’re making in your property and is transferable if you ever sell your home.  

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Whether a growing family or outdated curb appeal is your motivation for considering a new sunroom, Home Renew can make your dream a reality with our high-quality selection of gabled sunrooms, conservatories, and more. Find out more about our innovative TEMO sunrooms today by calling or filling out our online form, and we can get you set up with a free cost estimate and consultation.