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Norfolk Cathedral Sunrooms

With soaring ceilings and extra-large glass panes, a cathedral sunroom can make an otherwise closed-off home in Norfolk feel open and airy-flooding the interior with bright sunlight and beautiful outdoor views. With the help of Home Renew, your cathedral-style sunroom can even add home value, too!

Here's the deal.

Unlike many other local sunroom installers, we offer a variety of Norfolk cathedral sunrooms that are made by TEMO Sunrooms and specially matched to your home. No matter the size or style, we're sure to have a design that will work for you:

  • Low cathedral sunrooms have a lower back wall that's perfect for single-story homes in Norfolk.
  • Factory cathedral sunrooms work well in taller homes and have full-view glass walls to bring in maximum sunlight.
  • Custom cathedral sunrooms can be fitted to any property, as they're specially engineered in custom widths and layouts.

Custom Sunroom Design Made Easy

No matter which of our cathedral-style integrated sunroom options is best for your home, you'll always receive top-tier value-just like we promise to every single client here at Home Renew! As a trusted partner for TEMO Sunrooms, we're able to deliver lasting benefits that include:

  • Custom Design: Your sunroom design will never be standard. You can always choose the big-picture elements as well as the finishing details for a look that wows.
  • Expert Installation: Our Norfolk sunroom installers are trained and certified by TEMO, ensuring up-to-date technical skills from engineering to building. Many sunrooms can even be installed in one to two days!
  • Strength and Durability: TEMKOR cladding, thermal roofing, and SPF-protected walls are just a few of the cutting-edge materials used in our sunrooms. You'll never have to deal with fading, chalking, or cracking!
  • Protection: Our Norfolk cathedral sunrooms are backed by TEMO's limited lifetime warranty coverage to ensure quality that endures.

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