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Norfolk Sunrooms

Your Norfolk home is your retreat from the world, and a beautiful sunroom from Home Renew will be your favorite place to spend your downtime.

Since 2012, we’ve been the trusted choice for Norfolk sunrooms, and we’ve established our reputation for exceptional service one project at a time. The team at Home Renew won’t settle for less than the best—and neither should you.

Our premium products boast the energy-efficient performance, style, and durability that sets our sunrooms apart from the competition, and we have options to suit every budget. Home Renew’s large selection of sunrooms include:

  • All Season Sunrooms
  • Integrated Sunrooms
  • Conservatory Sunrooms

Enjoy Every Season from Climate-Controlled Comfort

No matter the weather outside, you’ll be able to enjoy the views comfortably from your all season sunroom. Built with TEMO’s HPG 2000 glass, your sunroom provides protection from UV rays and impressive energy efficiency. Choose from many styles to create the addition that will complement your home. Home Renew provides free 3D renderings, so you can see exactly how your design will look and make any adjustments before the project starts.

Integrated Sunroom Additions Provide Seamless Beauty

Some homeowners are worried that sunroom additions will look like they’ve been tacked onto the home as an afterthought. An integrated sunroom will appear to have always been part of your home—you’ll hardly be able to tell where the addition starts and the original home ends. On all of our sunrooms, TEMKOR cladding provides an extremely durable surface that won’t fade, scratch, or dent, so your sunroom will look great—inside and out—for many years.

Add Abundant Charm and Stunning Style with a Conservatory Sunroom

Available in Edwardian and Victorian styles, a conservatory sunroom is a room fully enclosed in glass that features a shatterproof roof, energy-efficient materials, and endless options for customization. Our designers and sunroom installers will make sure that your new addition is completed flawlessly, and you’ll have the chance to sign off on every detail. You won’t even have to use your imagination as we provide free 3D renderings of your custom design.

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Home Renew’s commitment to excellence has earned us accreditation from the Better Business Bureau plus many industry awards and positive reviews from past customers. For award-winning customer service, expert workmanship, and a final result that will exceed your expectations, we’re the smart choice for Norfolk sunrooms! Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to request a free design consultation and quote.