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Chesapeake Sunrooms

When you’re lucky enough to live in Chesapeake, you get to enjoy gorgeous natural surroundings and a comfortable seasonal climate—but that doesn’t mean that you are immune to dealing with the pests and hassles of nature!

Whether pop-up showers and flying insects are taking away from your outdoor enjoyment, or you’d love to have more living space with a home addition, Home Renew offers Chesapeake sunrooms that deliver the convenience, style, and versatility that you need. 

Our selection of premium TEMO sunrooms includes:

  • All Season Sunrooms
  • Conservatories
  • Screen Rooms
  • Three Season Rooms

All Season Sunroom Additions Offering Year-Round Comfort

The weather may be on the mild side in Chesapeake, but hot, humid summers and chilly winters can leave you looking for a comfortable place indoors. With an all season sunroom, you’ll enjoy indoor-outdoor living at its finest, and our sunrooms are built with high-efficiency features that make them a smart choice in the local climate:  

  • Expanded polystyrene roofing for impressive performance
  • Scratch-, fade-, and dent-resistant TEMKOR cladding
  • Advanced thermal wall systems with state-of-the-art glass
  • Entry doors featuring heavy-duty construction for security and efficiency

Maximize Natural Light with a New Conservatory

If you think that your home could use a bit of European flair, our sunroom installers have got you covered. We carry an impressive collection of conservatories that feature all-glass construction to create the perfect indoor space for entertaining or a beautiful greenhouse for your gardening hobby!

As one of the most unique sunroom additions on the market, conservatories offer:  

  • Customized Victorian and Edwardian styles
  • Lightweight, UV-blocking, and shatter-proof roofing
  • Ridge ventilation systems with operable roof vents
  • Stylish configurations with high-tech glass and window walls

Screen Rooms for Pest-Free Indoor-Outdoor Living

Living in Virginia may be beautiful, but there’s nothing enjoyable about mosquitos and other pests invading your relaxation time outdoors. When you want to enjoy fresh air without the annoyance, we offer customizable screen rooms that include:  

  • Options for studio and low cathedral style rooms
  • Easy, efficient installation from certified, experienced professionals
  • Attractive ceiling, glass, and wall configuration options to choose from
  • Removable sashes offering full ventilation and unobstructed views

Versatile Performance with a Custom Three Season Room

Are you interested in sunroom additions, but you aren’t ready to invest in an all-season design? Three season sunrooms offer the perfect blend of extended outdoor living and budget-friendly pricing, and we can help you create a stylish new sunroom in one of our popular styles:  

  • Cathedral
  • Gabled
  • Integrated
  • Studio

and more!

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